Wellbeing and Mental Health

There has never been more pressure put on young people to perform in exams.

Therefore it is vital that you look after your mental health. Both to keep your mind healthy and to help you perform to the best of your ability. 

Exam time can be a very stressful time and can feel quite overwhelming. With this in mind we have developed links with local mental health charities and have created our own resources to help you manage your exam time experience and to keep you healthy.

Anxiety in maths and exams is often linked to negative self belief, fear of failure and a lack of engagement in the subject.

Here at Functional Maths we work with schools to provide engaging workshops to help pupils reconnect with their mathematics and learn to enjoy the subject again.

Please have a look at our free resources designed to help manage your workload and keep your mental health the best it can possibly be.

Well being Tips

Have a look at our tips to maintaining a healthy mind during exam season.

Well Being Resources

Check out our FREE resources to help you maximise your personal well being.

OUr Charity Partners

Click here to see see our charity partners. If you ever feel you need extra support they are here to help.

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If you just want to reach out and tell someone something. We are here to listen.


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